NCAA Tournament Preview

Yesterday the NCAA released the bracket for this year’s NCAA Tournament and there were a few surprises about who got in and who was left out. Some of the biggest snubs include Notre Dame and Louisville and some of the surprises include how high Oklahoma was seeded despite being pretty bad as of recently. Today, […]

FIFA World Cup Preview (Group A-D)

The biggest, most popular tournament in the world is right around the corner and set to begin on June 14th. This FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia and every major soccer country with some cinderellas waiting to upset the mighty giants. Some of these giants include Germany (winners of the 2014 World Cup), […]

Winners / Losers from Tuesday’s NFL Free Agent Frenzy

Tuesday marked the start of the NFL free agent singing period as teams were legally allowed to tamper with current players without contracts. Although players cannot officially sign until today, many have given reports of where they intend to sign when they legally can. Many big “signings” happened yesterday and next we will well you […]

NCAA Final Four Predictions and Preview

In an earlier article, we detailed each of the four regions of the NCAA Tournament bracket and made our predictions for the winners of each region and the biggest sleeper in each. Our winner out of the South Region was 4-seed Arizona and they will be matched up against the West Region winner 2-seed North […]